Lille, France


Hi everyone :)

I’ve had a computer at home since I was 7, making my first website at 9 (it was about Pokemon obviously, built with FrontPage) !

Ever since, I’ve always been fascinated with the Web and how to build it.

I took a position as a Software Engineer in Sopra Steria in 2013, working my way up to Senior Developer (Team Leader, Tech Leader and Dev Leader) and Software Architect.

Software Developer / Architect

I’ve started my career maintaining and building web apps in PHP & Java + jQuery in 2013.

  • mid 2014, I was building a SAPUI5 (an “HTML5” framework by SAP) with Grunt, npm & bower.
  • end of 2014, I was making my first application in AngularJS + NodeJS (the old MEAN stack) and, a few months later, I had become a trainer, teaching AngularJS to other coworkers or to clients.
  • by 2015, I was already building a whole extranet in React + NodeJS (the good old MERN stack), being also a junior Architect on that project.

Ever since, I’ve worked on a lot of projects, on a lot of frameworks (SAPUI5, AngularJS, Angular, Vue, React & recently Svelte). My favorite is still React, even after 6 years (in 2021) using it.

As a Software Architect, other than conceiving applications, I was also mandated to audit applications, about security and/or quality concerns.


During those years, I was a trainer on Javascript Advanced 3-days Course (talking about a lot of JS quirks, such as functions as first class citizen, functions being objects, OOP & prototypes, the event loop, what will this be ? etc…), React, and a few others.

I was a speaker at Ecole Centrale de Lille, providing a training about all Web stuff over 10 days, and accompanying students on their last year projects since 2014.

Passion Sharing / Leader

I built a tech community, with monthly internal talks, dojos, etc…

I assembled & led a team of other passion driven coworkers, desperate to share our passion, our new findings, and a beer together. (more about that on my LinkedIn profile)

After years of “private” talks, my team and I decided it was a waste to keep all that in our employer, and, starting January 2020, I gave my first “public” talk in Lille, about Continuous Localization, with my little brother as co-speaker.

We were in the process of improving this talk and preparing a new one, and then the ~fire nation~ coronavirus attacked.

Covid Impact

During the first months of WFH, my then-client decided to cut expenses and to lay off almost all contractors, splitting my hard-built team in different projects.

I was writing Spring Boot Web/Batch apps, Logstash plugins, and SQL queries for a few months, halted from time to time by remote training.

Which I was not a big fan of tbh, it is really hard to know if you succeeded in capturing your audience attention when you cant see their faces, meaning you may have lost all of them for minutes before catching them back.

As I became dissatisfied with my company management, with no feedback over 2 years, I decided to quit mid 2020, joining a little foodtech startup in Paris. The distance, the remote working, and a major technical debt that was not adressed made me quit again 4 months later.

I’ve joined SFEIR march 2021 and feel a little like home there.